Set in the South Downs we want to build a centre that helps local wildlife and finds the most eco friendly ways of working.

The design and building itself uses sustainable and eco friendly technology to reduce the carbon footprint and provide energy savings. But we are extending our plans to work with the environment around the centre.

The Branch is working with the South Downs National Park rangers and their volunteers to restore the Copse at the back of the site into a healthy, natural eco system that conserves, protects and encourages a diverse range of wildlife, flora and fauna with a pond area, bird, bat and bug boxes. It will also become a soft release area for wildlife that has recovered but can't be returned to the area in which they were found. The dual use for the area will use it for an enrichment woodland walk for the Mount Noddy dogs, providing scent, texture and sight stimuli for a calming experience.

A purpose built agility and activity area will provide the opportunity for mental and physical stimulation for the dogs. Raised herb and vegetable patches will be utilised to add variety and extra nutrition to the dog and cats diets.

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