Ulfric and his two siblings were found abandoned and in poor condition. Staff member Anya took it upon herself to foster all three at home and nurse them to full health, but only two left! 

"Ulfric came to the centre on the 30th June 18 with his two sisters. All Kittens were 3 weeks old when they arrived at the centre; underweight, covered in fleas and heavily worm burdened. They needed around the clock hand feeding and monitoring, I therefore took the decision to foster all 3 kittens. They all gained weight and soon were ready for adoption, his sisters went to a lovely new home but Ulfric suffered with IBD and needed a special diet. I ended up adopting him, he has been my shadow ever since.

We have done a lot of training, he has amazing recall and knows; sit, down, paw, paws up and can follow a marker stick. He can be very cheeky and very vocal but that is all part of his charm, to know that he is living his best life makes me so glad I adopted him."