Freddie is a little dog as he lost the use of his hind legs some time ago. He gets about the house OK, and also outdoors for short walks on a decent surface with his wheels. He is a dear little dog and he copes well with his disability and is always pleased to see us.

Trixie is a super rescue dog who came to us in December 2014 supposedly then aged eight, although if so she is still a very sprightly fourteen. Trixie is mostly collie with some bull terrier and staffie and a touch of labrador. She loves the grandchildren and these days also loves meeting other dogs. She is great on walks never straying too far away, we think having been lost in the past she appreciates her home. After her evening walk she waits to join me getting the logs and laying and lighting the fire, when she spends her evening contentedly curled beside us. Trixie is a great companion always by our side and always listening for a hint of anything interesting.