Let everyone know how you are raising money for us and why.  Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email or whichever social media you use.


Use photos and videos so friends and others can follow your story and perhaps bring more money in for you.


It's good to set a target not only in your challenge or fundraising idea but also in the amount of money you aim to raise.   Your supporters will urge you on and ask them, too, to spread the word to on their social media to help you reach your goal.


Don't forget to notify your local papers. radio and TV stations.   They are always looking for good local stories and if you need help in any way to raise your money they will spread the word for you.


And finally, and I am sure you will, don't forget to thank everyone who has helped - we will too and be especially grateful to you for doing it.   Lots of licks and purrs for your efforts!