Patches, now named Nala, came into our care from a hoarder house with numerous other cats that also found their forever homes from us. Initially, Patches was so frightened her behaviours led staff to believe in the possibility that she could be feral. She was left alone and given time to settle for the first few days before books were read to her from outside her pen. As the days past she grew more and more relaxed in our company and it became apparent this shy girl was just anxious and unsure of all the new faces and her new environment. 7

With the help of some dreamies, lots of patience, quiet, love and trust, Patches eventually came around to being a wonderful girl with a gentle soul and a penance for exploring the surroundings that were once terrifying to her. She progressed day by day and would often run out during cleaning to sunbathe in the light streaming through the windows and to give her feline neighbours a quick greeting. 

Over the course of just two weeks Patches had transformed from a scared cat that hissed and hid, into a purry, affectionate girl who was soon adopted after. Since being in the home, Patches is said to have settled in well and is clearly enjoying life with her adopters attention all on this wonderful girl.