Working Cats

We receive a number of feral cats throughout the year, brought to us by Inspectors for rehoming or to be part of the Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) programme. 

Feral cats that come into our care  have rarely had human contact and are unhandleable. For welfare reasons, they cannot be rehomed as pets into a household but this does not exclude them from being rehomed at all. 

Whilst under our care they are given everything they need; those with long fur are unable to be groomed so matts are shaved at the vets when they visit for neutering. Pregnant or nursing females are left to raise their litter until they are old enough to be separated and rehomed as family cats. The mother will then be microchipped, vaccinated, de-flead and wormed before being rehomed in a safe, rural area, typically on a farm as a 'working cat'. 

In some cases as part of the TNR, the cats must return to the place of capture, so once they are neutered as necessary to control the growing cat population, they can return to their territory. 

Rehoming a Working Cat

If you would like to rehome a feral cat, please contact the centre for more information. 



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