Every day dozens of visitors flock to Eartham Woodlands to enjoy the countryside. A heavy majority of these visitors are dog walkers, as the environment provides fantastic olfactory enrichment for your pooches. However, with the responsibility of pet ownership, also comes clean up duty. Whilst the woodlands have kindly placed a dog-waste bin in the car park, a lot of the time unfortunately, doggy bags are found irresponsibly and deliberately abandoned around the area. 

Not only does this spoil the beautiful scenery, but it poses a threat to the fauna and flora of Eartham. It is every dog owners responsibility to clean up after their dogs and to take care of our environment so that it can flourish and continue to be enjoyed all year round by all visitors. 

ACA Becca (pictured), Supervisor Kirsty and Chihuahua Brodie, spent a few hours on a pleasant afternoon strolling around the woodlands, removing poo-bags and various forms of litter to make the area safe for wildlife, and Eartham Woodlands was left looking as it should again.

For everyone's sake, let's pull together and remember to use dog waste bins provided, or take the bags home to dispose of if there are none provided. Together, we can make nature healthy and beautiful again!