If you have a puppy, nervous dog or recently adopted animal, Halloween can be a strange time of year; people wear bizarre costumes, the doorbell constantly ringing, often outside noise and sometimes noisy/different decorations around the house.

Here are some helpful tips to support your dog at Halloween:

1)      Prepare your home for potential visitors/ people knocking on your door. This may include putting a notice on your door to deter trick or treaters, putting children’s treats on your doorstep, or putting a baby gate or door system to keep your dog behind

2)      Keeping sweet treats somewhere your dog can’t get too

3)      Walking your dog before dark

4)      Praising calm behaviour in the home

5)      Providing comfort/reassurance if your dog isn’t coping with the doorbell going off

6)      Providing enrichment or long-lasting chews to influence calm behaviours

7)      Closing curtains and turning up radio/TV to block out outside noise