Are you bored with pounding pavements in the wind and the rain and dreaming of sunshine, beaches and exotic locations?

Join us for the Dream Run Challenge where your virtual route can take you anywhere you want in the world to raise money for Mount Noddy.

Whether it is the Californian Coast, a run round Lake Como or an adventure in the Caribbean simply pick your dream route, plot your journey with whatever distance you choose with My Virtual Mission and create your challenge using our fundraising page.

It's up to you how far you want to go and how long it takes you - it may be a year of consistent running or a couple of months conscerted effort to get round your route. But this could put the fun into your runs or give you the incentive to get out there when its cold outside. Keep us up to date with your progress and we can be your virtual cheerleaders.

Choose a target amount - it could even be the cost of a plane ticket to your dream destination if you were doing it for real. Then off you go.

Somehow the effort of getting off the couch for a chilly rainy run feels better when mentally you are doing it on a glorious day on the other side of the world.