We want to make the cats who come into our care as happy and stress-free as possible in a shelter environment. Our plans include larger pens designed for adopters to meet their forever friends, and the animal care team to spend quality one to one time with the cats. 

The pens will have a raised comfortable sleep area and spaces to climb and hide to express their natural behaviours. In addition to 41 new pens we will have 6 extra large maternity pens for mums and kittens, or families that can't be split. With a focus on disease prevention,  the new blocks enable us to maintain the highest standard of hygiene. Climate control will keep them cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.  The cats will also have their own bespoke feline veterinary facilities.

The cattery will be divided into separate intake and rehoming and maternity sections to create a calmer environment for the new cats to settle in during their initial assessments.

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