I am Vic, the new Volunteer Coordinator for Mount Noddy Animal Centre.  I started volunteering at the Centre 4 years ago as a dog walker and cat cuddler.  Slowly I became more involved and joined the team organising fundraising events such as the Santa in a Camper etc. which was great fun and rewarding to be part of.  Eventually I took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator to help reach out and create a closer communication network with everyone.  This will involve having a dog walking schedule so we can be more organised and ensure there are enough dogs and walkers, as well as highlighting other ways that people can help, like working in a shop or fund raising.
It has been unusual during lockdown as there isn't much for me to coordinate right now however fingers crossed that will change soon. Doing the newsletter for the Volunteer team every month is important as it helps to keep us feeling connected.  Also, who doesn't like to know whats going on!