The shingles are on the roof and the scaffolding is down. The new kennel block, cattery and reception look fantastic. Summer has come to and end and for once we are looking forward to Autumn and Winter, when we can move in.

We are so pleased with our new reception and already know it is going to be the heart of the centre. We are excited for the space and lots of ideas on how to fill it which will share with you soon.

As we are nestled in the South Downs National Park we wanted to ensure our new buildings are in keeping with the rustic settings. Here is the Sussex Flint being added to our kennels block. We worked closely with the South Downs teams on this project and had a lot of input from them regarding the materials used.

A group of our Animal Care Assistants had a sneak peak out the cattery last week. The internal works continue with all electrics now in. This new cattery will have 47 cat pens including some oh-so-important maternity pens for mums and kittens. We currently have several litters in foster care who will be looking for homes soon.

Our 2 spaniels are moving out into their new foster home this weekend meaning the refurbishment of our old kennels can begin. These will be transformed into a hydrotherapy and veterinary suite and grooming room. Having our own hydrotherapy treadmill and specialised team on site will enrich the lives of our resident dogs. In the future we would love to be able to offer hydrotherapy to public through referrals which will generate extra income for the branch.

Fingers crossed they settle in well and will be off to there forever home in the next few weeks.