As the Mount Noddy Big Build started a couple of months ago the centre now looks very different.

A drone photo showing the centre before the Build

All animals who did not find their forever home last year were moved into foster homes in January as we prepared for the demolition of the old buildings. This work was expected to be extremely noisy and as animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do, the decision was made not to have any dogs at the centre for this initial period due to the stress the disruption would cause. 

The Big Build began with the Big Demolition and saw the destruction of the old cattery buildings, storage sheds and the exercise yards. This took several weeks to do, and afterwards the ground was dug out and prepared for the foundations to be laid. The new kennel block - which will be equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities, will be home to 19 kennels, including 6 family sized for pairs coming in together, as well as a separate isolation unit with 3 kennels - is located where the exercise yards were. The foundations where laid mid February and build on the walls has now started.

The foundations for the new kennel block - February 2021

The most noticeable change to the centre is the giant hole as you walk in the centre! This is the soakaway pit underneath the new car park. This hole is 2.6meters deep and has taken 3 weeks to dig! This stands in the place of our old storage sheds, and will be able to accommodate parking for visitors and volunteers to the centre.

The soakaway pit.

The foundations for the new reception building, and the cattery have now bee laid, and work on the cattery walls have started. Kitten season will be in full swing in a month or so and we have a team of foster volunteers ready and waiting to accept the new mums and kittens. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about fostering for the branch.

The old cattery buildings in December 2020

The soil which has been taken from the site has been redistributed into the Field of Dreams.

View from the top of the Field of Dream - February 2021