And so it is summer!

Hopefully June will bring with it some warmer weather and sunshine, and ensure the build continues to progress as planned. The Kennel roof is now on and mostly weather proof meaning internal works have now begun. It is so exciting to see the inside of the kennels taking shape. This rehoming and isolation kennels each with kitchen, laundry and storage.

The Cattery is catching up with the kennels. The building now has a roof, and you can clearly see the space the cats will have, along with their gorgeous view of the of the Sussex countryside out of their individual windows. The plumbing and electrical installation is now mostly complete. 

The reception building now has the frames and timber walls in place. As the hub of the new centre comes to life, the layout of the whole site can be seen now.

What a different 5 months makes! Here is a photo of the view from the entrance gate in January, compared to today! 

As summer charges on and the restrictions lift we find ourselves receiving more and more calls. We have fosterers waiting to take on animals in needs so please don't worry, we will ensure we are still helping the vulnerable animals in the local area.  

June began with volunteers weeks, while we are not able to have volunteers on site during the build, we can't wait to welcome everyone back as soon as possible. If you would like to volunteer in one of our charity shops please pop in to your local store to find out more. There are many ways to support the branch and the big build - why not check out our buy a brick page - cement your donation at Mount Noddy with this unique campaign.

Alternatively you can buy a kennel or cat pen, as a gift to, or in memory of someone special. Find out more here.