Cats are adored by many for being such cute little fur-balls, but at the cost of all that sweetness is a demand for my services. At Mount Noddy where we can have up to 30 cats at any one time, I like to call it ‘room service’ for the felines that truly believe that is my purpose. I guess in some way, it is. Every day myself and my colleagues clean the pens and feed multiple times a day, along with providing numerous other tasks such as health checks, medicating and cleaning equipment. Then comes the fun part; so long as we’re getting through the checklist of numerous things to do, I have free reign to cuddle cats. Oh, the struggles of my job, petting cats under radiators as the wind and rain billow outside… poor dog-people.
I’m always asked, ‘what did you do today?’ and my answer is never the same; some days I’m swatted because I make good prey to a cat an 8th of my size, other days I have cats trying to pile themselves into my lap. I cater to each cat, making sure they’re as happy as can be and giving them the love they deserve until their new families find them. Some people get an instant image when I tell them I’m an animal carer, and sometimes, they’re right. It’s poopy, smelly and dirty. We’re animal carers though, we love what we do.
Aside from all that, in the upcoming weeks I plan on learning better handling techniques for some of the ferals we have in, because I’d really like to provide them with the care they need without feeling as though I’d just walked into a hungry tiger’s pen. They may be smaller than me but they’re better equipped. ‘I couldn’t work here, I’d want to take them all home’. It’s a phrase we all too often hear. I nod and explain that although we bond with them, we love them all equally. Then we laugh and slot our favourites into our backpacks, telling our families the mysteriously appearing cats have been there all along.