After coming into our care from a multi-cat household together and spending 5 weeks at Mount Noddy, they have both settled into their new home. It’s always lovely hearing how our furry friends are getting on with their new families and seeing photos of what they are getting up to.

Here is what their adopters say: “You’ll be pleased to know that Alec/Harri or Loki/Stella have settled in brilliantly.  Alec was first out of his cat carrier and led the exploration with Harri just behind.  After a tentative start, they found some hidey holes and spent a good hour undercover before coming out with that old dreamies ‘bribery', They eat brilliantly, they have emptied the water bowl once already!

After eating a very hearty breakfast, Alec disappeared.  He managed to find a very tiny gap in the kick plates under the kitchen units and hid there all morning.  It took me an hour to find him!  They both have since enjoyed wandering all over my laptop, given me plenty of cuddles and nearly emptied another bag of dreamies.  Alec loves to sit on the very edge of the table, flop down on his side and then roll on his back - when I say edge of table, I mean the edge, he virtually falls off every time, it is funny and heart stopping in equal measures.” 

What a lovely update and a well deserved happy ending for Alec and Harri!