We have been at our centre at Eartham for 51 years and to celebrate we thought it would be fun to start a special fundraising club.
The objective is to get as many people as possible to raise money for us by doing 51 of something. For example bake 51 cakes and sell them £1 each, rather than walking 51 miles, walk 1 mile 51 times; can you swim 51 lengths of your local pool? Well go ahead and get sponsored! Can you knit 51 woolly hats for winter and sell them and donate the money to us? Can you just raise £51 by doing something that suits you? Whatever you do, whether alone or with family and friends make sure it is 51 and we will be proud and grateful to make you members of our 51 Club and your name will be written on the 51 Club wall on this website.
GO 51 for Mount Noddy and have your name on our fundraising wall of fame!